[lxc-users] nova-lxd and Ceph storage
Viet Tran
2018-09-25 08:01:41 UTC
Dear all,

I am testing Openstack nova-lxd with an installation via conjure-up (Ubuntu
16.04, LXD 3.5, juju 2.4.3-xenial-amd64, conjure-up 2.6.1). So far, I am
able to to log into dashboard, create some instances, assign floating IP
and so on.

The problem I am facing now is that I cannot attach volumes to instances.
According to a discussion at https://lists.gt.net/openstack/dev/64776, it
is possible but need some additional settings (that I hope conjure-up would
configure them automatically). Are there somewhere more details about the
configuration? Thank you in advance.

Best regards
Viet Tran