[lxc-users] Mysterious behaviour
Pierre Couderc
2018-11-29 07:59:07 UTC
1- I was under a ssh console connected to a lxd container (nginx web
server) named  www.

***@www:~# ls -lh /var/www
total 0

It should not be empty !

And the web server works but has no data (404 errors) !

2- on another console I ask :

***@server:~# lxc config device show www
  path: /var/www
  source: /srv/www
  type: disk

3- I stop the container and restart it

Then, all seems normal, my /var/www is correct and web server is ok.

But the ECDSA ssh key of the www container has changed. Maybe it is not
related (that is maybe, it was a mistake of mine) but I mention it.
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