[lxc-users] Yum & Locale
Hilco Wijbenga
2018-09-12 18:10:04 UTC
Hi all,

This must be really simple but I don't seem to be able to get it working.

I've successfully created a container (images:centos/7/amd64) and I
can successfully run "yum" ("update" and "install"). But it keeps
complaining about a missing locale.

I did the usual (e.g. /etc/profile.d/locale.sh) but it's simply not
picked up. At least not when running "lxc exec NAME -- CMD". If I "log
in" with lxc exec NAME -- /bin/bash the locale is set correctly. So I
figured that perhaps it was a matter of logging out and back in again.
But even after stopping and restarting the container, yum still

What is the "right" way to set the locale? Or am I supposed to always
execute commands via a shell? I.e. I should not be using "lxc exec
NAME -- yum ..." directly?